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Aquashield® Water Tight Cast & Bandage Protector

Category: Braces/Supports/Orthopedics

The AquaShield Cast and Bandage Protector may be used in the shower, bath, pool or spa. It is a polyurethane plastic protective cover for casts, bandages, dressings, burns, prostheses, and other conditions required to remain dry during bathing and showering. The AquaShield is used for fractures, sprains, foot, hand and knee surgery, PICC sites, lymphedema therapy and water therapy.

The AquaShield is made of polyurethane, a virtually indestructible material that's 40 to 50 times stronger than materials used by competitors. It will not tear when pulled over a fiberglass cast, and stretches easily to form a comfortable, non-constrictive seal. The risk of allergic reactions to latex is one AquaShield is not prepared to take. Rather than expose patients to the possibility of anaphylactic shock, they rely on the safety of polyurethane. The use of this material is patented, so no competitor can utilize it in their products.

Its single-piece construction means the AquaShield has no straps, pump, ring, or awkward diaphragm.

  • Made from heavy-gauge polyurethane, a material renowned for its strength and elasticity
  • Slides easily over a cast or bandage, creating a comfortable, watertight seal
  • Added safety feature is the SkidSafe sole which provides unparalleled traction on wet or slippery surfaces
  • Made to be used multiple times

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  • Sizes: Regular, Small, Pediatric

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