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TENA® Serenity Pads - Moderate

by Tena

Category: Incontinence

TENA Pads Moderate has a specific design to ensure a great fit by following your body's natural contours. TENA Pads Moderate is for moderate absorbency needs, such as losing a few drops of urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing or straining as well as minor leakage during or after pregnancy. There’s also a soft, cloth-like outer layer for extra comfort and a double pulp layer for increased absorption, enabling you to enjoy your day with complete confidence.
Moderate Bladder Leakage Protection
Uncontrollable urine leakage of more than a few drops when laughing, coughing, sneezing or straining.
Moderate amounts of continuous bladder leakage.

·    SOFT, QUICK-DRY TOPSHEET pulls in liquid fast to keep you dry.
·    DRY-FAST CORE™ with Super absorbent microbeads wicks away and helps trap in liquid quickly for effective leakage protection.
·    CUSHIONY SIDE GATHERS provide a fit that conforms to your body.
·    ADVANCED ODOR PROTECTION pH-balanced to fight odors.
·    ADHESIVE STRIP for secure fixation in your own underwear.
·    INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED for convenient, discreet portability.
·    Now Infused with More Microbeads!

Packaging Available:
· Moderate Regular - Length=11”                       41300               6 Pkgs of 20 Pcs/Case
· Moderate Regular - Length=11”                       48900               3 Pkgs of 72 Pcs/Case

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