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Classic PRO Reacher

Category: Aids to Daily Living

<p>For clients with reduced mobility or for those recovering from joint surgery, our NEW! Classic PRO reacher has the additional benefits of:</p><ul><li>Gripcert jaw and handle for ease of use</li><li>Hooked trigger for a more secure hold.</li></ul><p>The Classic PRO delivers:</p><div>• Easy pick up, every time!</div><div>• Extended reach – high or low</div><div>• Gripcert jaw ensures a firm but kind grip of the finest of items—paper, fabric etc</div><div>• Ergonomic “Comfy Grip” handle ensures a secure grip every time</div><div>• Lifetime Guarantee</div>

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Product Specifications

  • Standard Dimension: 26
  • Long Dimension: 32

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