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WiTouch Gel Pads

Category: Pain Management

WiTouch® Gel Pads Reusable & Convenient
The Hollywog® WiTouch Gel Pads adhere the WiTouch device to the skin and provide a dispersive medium between a patient’s skin and the electronic stimulation of the WiTouch’s built-in electrodes. Gel pads remove easily from a plastic backing and attach to the unit without any sticky residue or glues. Following treatments, pads can be covered with plastic backing for reuse in up to five additional applications, depending on skin type and preparation. Each pack comes with five pair of WiTouch Gel Pads for multiple pain relief applications.
- Creates a strong adhesion to skin
- Reusable pads can be used for multiple applications
- Removes easily from skin, without leaving sticky residue behind
- Great value when compared to cost of traditional electrodes and leadwires 
- Gel Pad Dimensions: 3.125" (79mm) x 2.375" (60mm)

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Product Specifications

  • Pain Solution: Back
  • Item #: ELA-10-1500

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