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WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit

Category: Pain Management

Hollywog WiTouch is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target lower back pain. The thin and flexible design perfectly contours the back for a perfect fit on almost any body shape. Advanced electronics design maximizes energy use providing over 150 30-minute treatment sessions per battery life. This innovative device is safe, drug-free, easy to use, discreet & comfortable to wear, and most importantly allows you to control your pain to maintain an active lifestyle.
- Wireless handheld remote control… control your pain the instant you need it!
- Drug-Free with No Side Effects
- Thin, flexible and discreet – wear under your clothing for hours of pain relief when you need it
- So comfortable and lightweight, you forget you are even wearing it…no one ever knows who is wearing a WiTouch
- No wires, bulky back wraps or belts
- Easy to use, self-applicable and ready to use out of the box – no complicated programs and settings to learn or   adjust
- Over 100 30-minute treatments before changing batteries
- As powerful as professional equipment – 20% higher intensity output than typical portable devices available today and 2.5 times larger treatment area coverage
- Replaceable Gel Pads for multiple back pain relief applications

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Product Specifications

  • Channels: Single channel
  • Waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse
  • Pulse Amplitude: 0 ~110 mA = 0 ~ 55 volts, adjustable (at 500 ohm load)
  • Pulse Frequency: (Hz) 5-120
  • Pulse Width: (µs) 120 - 240
  • Timer Control: (mins) 30
  • Device Power Supply: Two (2) AAA batteries
  • Remote Power Supply: (1) CR2032 Lithium battery
  • Size: 0.7" D x 7.5" W x 3.5" H
  • Weight (including battery): 4.8 oz

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