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Neoprene Lumbar Sacral Support Belt

Category: Braces/Supports/Orthopedics

The 9" Neoprene Lumbar Sacral Support Belt by FLA Orthopedics is a superb compression support designed to effectively increase the stability and comfort of the wearer. With a wide 9" back and contoured side panels, this support belt conforms to the body to help bind the abdominal and oblique muscles, increasing core response and development.

Flexible plastic stays in the neoprene panel back help provide added strength and warmth to the back, and the ventilated side panels provide compression and breathability. Twin adjustable closures allow the user to determine their own level of compression, allowing the support to therapeutically benefit a wide range of issues from chronic back pain, muscle strain, lumbar sprains and more.

Neoprene LumboSacral Support Features:

  • Low profile for inconspicuous wear under clothing
  • Ventilated side panels for increased breathability
  • Flexible back stays increase support and stability
  • Contoured side panels conform to the shape of the body
  • Provides dedicated compression to the lumbar and sacral regions
  • Overlapping neoprene straps provide extra compression
  • Easy to wear and adjust with Velcro closures
SKU: FLA31722

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